Class Description

Yoga and Reiki

This is a energy infused class that promises to leave refreshed and rejuvenated.  Reiki is offered during savasana (relaxation).

Flow Yoga

Get in tune and go with the flow!  This class is designed to help you look inward and listen to your body as we flow from one pose to another.

Empowered Yoga

A yoga class specially designed for our handi-capable friends.

Yoga is a great way to find self-awareness and power.  Finding acceptance and strength through yoga!  (At least one adult or helper is required for this class.) 

Yoga For Lunch

Yoga is the perfect way to spend your lunch break whether you are a busy business person or off for the day.  This gentle 45 minute class will send you back to work refreshed and focused!

Specialty Yoga

Yoga specialized to you needs whether you have an auto-immune disease such as endometriosis, lupus, RA, or others.  Yoga for depression, sports, or any other special needs.

My Yoga

Kids need yoga too!  Kids yoga is the perfect way to help our children to learn a healthy lifestyle and habits, while building self-esteem, self-love, and love for others, not to mention all the other amazing benefits!



*If you sincerely feel like you can not afford it please talk to me.  We will work it out.  Yoga is for EVERYONE.


Workshop Description

Powerful Eating

Learn how you can ultimately heal yourself and your family through the power of eating.

 Essential Oils

In this workshop you will learn natural remedies to heal your family, how to replace the chemicals in your home with non-toxic, natural, solutions. You will also learn other powerful benefits to essential oils.


`What is this mediation thing all about?  In this segment you will learn a few ways you can start your meditating practice at home, how meditation can benefit you, and tools that will aid you practice.


Find out what has the world bent over backwards!  Here you will the learn the basics and history of yoga, how you can take what you learn and build your own practice at home.

(Available for kid's yoga workshops, as well as, yoga for auto immune disease, injury, specialties such as sports, ect.)


Want to learn more about this ancient Japanese healing technique?  Here you learn the history of reiki and get to experience the benefits of this ancient practice first hand.

Do you have an idea or special request for a workshop?

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Private Sessions

Private Yoga Session: 60

Private Reiki Session: 75

1 Month 1 Session/Week: 200

3 Months 1 Session/Week: 400

Please call for more details for the following:

- Group Sessions

- Group Workshops

‚Äč- Yoga Parties

To reserve a private session or purchase a package please click here.

Below is a list of classes/ workshops that I offer.

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